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THE YOGA TEACHERS INSTITUTE OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA INC. (YTISA) was formed in 1950 by the late Iris Clutterham and became an Incorporated body in 1984.

YTISA is unique in that it is a totally not for profit organisation. The work is done by volunteers, the workshops are given by volunteers and the Committee consists of volunteers.

Yoga students, teachers, retired teachers and people interested in Yoga. Membership gives you the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people who walk the Yogic path.

Sharing: We aim to share our knowledge, experience and awareness with those who wish to embrace the Yoga journey to develop their potential.
Education: We aim to disseminate the experience of Yoga through many pathways.
Support: We aim to support individuals and organizations in their endeavors of sharing Yoga.
Partnership: We aim to work in partnership with others to reach our vision.

Union and Unity through Yoga

Mission: To share our experiences and awareness with others.
To guide and nurture aspirants along the path of Yoga.

CLICK HERE to visit our blog by Yogi-in-residence, Dr Vittala Shettigara PhD where he shares yoga knowledge and research and invites discussion.

YTISA supports the Hutt Street Centre in Adelaide.
Donations may be made at any time or when renewing annual membership.

Union and Unity through yoga
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